$ npm install -g yo generator-stratic
$ mkdir stratic-project && cd stratic-project
$ yo stratic

the streaming static site generator

StraticJS is a loose collection of modules which can be tied together using gulp to create a full static site generator system, including blog functionality.

Because it's just gulp, Stratic doesn't invent a new plugin ecosystem, config format, or magic filesystem layout. In fact, you can read the internals of how Stratic works quite trivially - just inspect your gulpfile.js. Stratic has a Yeoman generator, generator-stratic, to set up a fully-functional Stratic project in seconds.

Intrigued? You might be interested in this introduction to the design and functionality of Stratic:

You can also follow Stratic on Twitter or poke at the code on GitHub. And install generator-stratic and try it out, of course!